Make sure you have the following before proceeding with the installation


Download the latest release from releases for either linux/windows

Note: If you need additional OS/Architectural support, you may build the server binary yourself


  • Upload the binary file (server[.exe]) to the server

  • Upload the plugin to the Sourcemod plugins folder and load the plugin by either restart, change map, and/or via sm plugins load Source-Chat-Relay


  • Configure the config.toml.example on the relay server and rename it to config.toml

  • Configure cfg/sourcemod/Source-Chat-Relay.cfg on the game server


This is the part that everyone gets confused on, so please follow it carefully.

How the system works (Prelude)

Before actually connecting everything, you should familarize yourself with how the system actually works.

Imagine TV channels, you can broadcast on a channel and you can receive on a channel, this system works in a similar fashion.

Entities are bidirectional (both direction send/receive), meaning they have both a send and receive property to them which you could configure

There are two forms of entities for now: game server and Discord text channel


If all goes well and the game server successfully connects to the relay server, you should see an entity from each game server when you run r/entities as a command to the Discord bot (If you don't, see Troubleshooting)

You may now began linking things, copy the entity ID of the game server and use r/receivechannel and r/sendchannel to configure the receive and send properties


  • r/receivechannel !@#$%^klmwxyz01bc2345nopqr 1

  • r/sendchannel !@#$%^klmwxyz01bc2345nopqr 1

Similarily, you can do the same for Discord text channel


  • r/receivechannel #general 1

  • r/sendchannel #general 1

Just like, two entities are configured to both send and receive on channel 1

More in depth explanation of the commands is available at Bot Commands‚Äč